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2012 - We're already in it

This film offers a rich medley of interpretations of the Mayan prophecies and addresses many signs of potential upcoming challenges and events for our planet.  The intention of this film is to present hope and solutions, taking a very positive approach.  So stop, look… and listen.  The film brings to light many of the mysteries of our shifting realities:  Ascension, UFOs, Communications from Other Worlds, the Crop Circle Phenomena & Other Intriguing Questions that we have finally begun to ask. 

Featuring top researchers in the field: Patricia Cori, Jan R. Crane, Barbara Lamb, Simon Peter Fuller, Isabelle Kingstion, Jack Groverland, Nick Ashron, Marc Cuthbert, Duke O'Neil, Terry Dobney, Gordon Rimes, and Geoff Stray.

Running Time: 85