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4 Stories - One Event - Other Worlds

A Film by Patty Greer

4 different groups of people from three different countries saw Orange Balls of Light appear over a particular Crop Circle in East Field on July 29, 2010. They all claim to have felt a telepathic communication with the Balls of Light and were entirely stunned by their sightings. They also had total recall.

The two men from Belgium watched Balls of Light turn into Illuminated Light Beings with arms, legs and a head. The interview took place just hours after their experience, and they were still red in the face and staring at the ground as if they were in shock.

One man stated, “My eyes don’t lie, it’s just my rational mind that tries to find a rational explanation…” Another man from Holland and a child from Belgium stated that the Crop Circle was not done yet. Two more phases appeared in that Crop Circle within days. An additional group of French people witnessed the Orange Balls of Light on that same night and were completely surprised.

What are the chances that a film maker would meet and casually interview all four groups in different places around Southern England within 24 hours – and be told similar stories about an incredible sighting over East Field on July 29, 2010!

This documentary offers proof that Balls of Light have been seen in Wiltshire England and the photos are authentic, taken by the film maker and a colleague from Holland. The witnesses were interviewed fresh after their sighting, and their faces tell the story! 

Running Time:  58 minutes