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The Wake Up Call 2


Breaking the silence of 17 years, Patty Greer was the first film maker ever granted permission to film a documentary at the UFO International Congress Convention.  She wanted to know the truth about UFOs & ETs, and now refers to the convention as a "crash course in UFO realities". 

Thirty well known lectures & abductees offer incredible stories and evidence of the ET presence in our world today.  Wendelle Stevens granted usage of his amazing UFO photo archives (the largest collection of UFO photos in the world) for this film.  Also enjoy the stunning Crop Circle libraries of Janet Ossebaard, Bert Janssen, & The Young's amazing Orb photos from the Crystal mines of Arkansas.   

Running Time:  88 min.


Giorgio Tsoukalos, Bob Brown, Donald R. Schmitt, Barbara Lamb, Cynthia Crawford, Richard Dolan, Dolores Cannon, Nick Pope, Jim Sparks, Diana Shurburn, Donald Ware, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Lin Ashly & Dr. UFO, Yvonne Smith, Dr. Desiree Hurtak, Dr. JJ Hurtak, Rob Simone, JHaime Maussan, Santiago Yturria Garza, Paola Harris, Trish Casimira, Clifford Mahooty, Mike Oram, Wendelle Stevens, Stan Pawlak, Marc Cuthbert, and Robert Dean