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Crop Circles - Update to The Wake Up Call

"It's Not What You See.. It's What You Don't See" 

Are you willing to consider the possibility that we may be receiving telepathic and Physical messages from other realms and have been for many years.  Consider this a "Wake Up Call to Listen".  This film is an invitation to experience something few humans will ever get to see … Crop Circles!

An illuminating adventure through the exquisite UK Crop Circles with Award Winning film maker Patty Greer.

See balls of light create a Crop Circle plus a new discovery within the footage.  Some say Crop Circles offer subliminal messages that enhance the viewer and last a lifetime. 

Features exclusive footage from the 1980's - 2009 and these researchers and personalities:  Patricia Cori, Janet Osseraard, Bert Janssen, Barbara Lamb, Isabelle Kingston, Simon Peter Fuller, Charles Mallett, Bearcloud, Palden Jenkins, Nick Ashron, and Geoff Stray.

It's not what you see it's what you don't see!!!

Running Time:  58 min.