Crop Circle Update: The Wake Up Call (

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Crop Circles - Update to The Wake Up Call

"It's Not What You See.. It's What You Don't See" 

Are you willing to consider the possibility that we may be receiving telepathic and Physical messages from other realms and have been for many years.  Consider this a "Wake Up Call to Listen".  This film is an invitation to experience something few humans will ever get to see … Crop Circles!

An illuminating adventure through the exquisite UK Crop Circles with Award Winning film maker Patty Greer.

See balls of light create a Crop Circle plus a new discovery within the footage.  Some say Crop Circles offer subliminal messages that enhance the viewer and last a lifetime. 

Features exclusive footage from the 1980's - 2009 and these researchers and personalities:  Patricia Cori, Janet Osseraard, Bert Janssen, Barbara Lamb, Isabelle Kingston, Simon Peter Fuller, Charles Mallett, Bearcloud, Palden Jenkins, Nick Ashron, and Geoff Stray.

It's not what you see it's what you don't see!!!

Running Time:  58 min.

The Wake Up Call 2: UFO's, ET's, Abductees & Brilliant Minds (

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The Wake Up Call 2


Breaking the silence of 17 years, Patty Greer was the first film maker ever granted permission to film a documentary at the UFO International Congress Convention.  She wanted to know the truth about UFOs & ETs, and now refers to the convention as a "crash course in UFO realities". 

Thirty well known lectures & abductees offer incredible stories and evidence of the ET presence in our world today.  Wendelle Stevens granted usage of his amazing UFO photo archives (the largest collection of UFO photos in the world) for this film.  Also enjoy the stunning Crop Circle libraries of Janet Ossebaard, Bert Janssen, & The Young's amazing Orb photos from the Crystal mines of Arkansas.   

Running Time:  88 min.


Giorgio Tsoukalos, Bob Brown, Donald R. Schmitt, Barbara Lamb, Cynthia Crawford, Richard Dolan, Dolores Cannon, Nick Pope, Jim Sparks, Diana Shurburn, Donald Ware, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Lin Ashly & Dr. UFO, Yvonne Smith, Dr. Desiree Hurtak, Dr. JJ Hurtak, Rob Simone, JHaime Maussan, Santiago Yturria Garza, Paola Harris, Trish Casimira, Clifford Mahooty, Mike Oram, Wendelle Stevens, Stan Pawlak, Marc Cuthbert, and Robert Dean

4 Stories - One Event - Other Worlds (

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4 Stories - One Event - Other Worlds

A Film by Patty Greer

4 different groups of people from three different countries saw Orange Balls of Light appear over a particular Crop Circle in East Field on July 29, 2010. They all claim to have felt a telepathic communication with the Balls of Light and were entirely stunned by their sightings. They also had total recall.

The two men from Belgium watched Balls of Light turn into Illuminated Light Beings with arms, legs and a head. The interview took place just hours after their experience, and they were still red in the face and staring at the ground as if they were in shock.

One man stated, “My eyes don’t lie, it’s just my rational mind that tries to find a rational explanation…” Another man from Holland and a child from Belgium stated that the Crop Circle was not done yet. Two more phases appeared in that Crop Circle within days. An additional group of French people witnessed the Orange Balls of Light on that same night and were completely surprised.

What are the chances that a film maker would meet and casually interview all four groups in different places around Southern England within 24 hours – and be told similar stories about an incredible sighting over East Field on July 29, 2010!

This documentary offers proof that Balls of Light have been seen in Wiltshire England and the photos are authentic, taken by the film maker and a colleague from Holland. The witnesses were interviewed fresh after their sighting, and their faces tell the story! 

Running Time:  58 minutes

2012 - We're Already In It (

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2012 - We're already in it

This film offers a rich medley of interpretations of the Mayan prophecies and addresses many signs of potential upcoming challenges and events for our planet.  The intention of this film is to present hope and solutions, taking a very positive approach.  So stop, look… and listen.  The film brings to light many of the mysteries of our shifting realities:  Ascension, UFOs, Communications from Other Worlds, the Crop Circle Phenomena & Other Intriguing Questions that we have finally begun to ask. 

Featuring top researchers in the field: Patricia Cori, Jan R. Crane, Barbara Lamb, Simon Peter Fuller, Isabelle Kingstion, Jack Groverland, Nick Ashron, Marc Cuthbert, Duke O'Neil, Terry Dobney, Gordon Rimes, and Geoff Stray.

Running Time: 85

The Wake Up Call (

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The Wake Up Call: Anybody Listening?

Experience something few humans will ever see. Called "Crop Circles", these temporary temples of information are strewn throughout the farm fields.  Lasting only a few precious months of summer, then fading away with the Autumn harvest.* Fly over and into Magical Designs*  * Tour megalithic stone formations *

Watch shocking authentic footage of a Crop Circle being made by balls of light! 

What will these designs say to you???

Running Time: 77 min.